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The history of Lodge Albert Lochee 448 was written by Bro Ian Munro PM,
and the Lodge is indebted to him for his hard work.

Copies of our Lodge History are available for purchase and obtainable from the Lodge.

They are packed full of other information, photographs, poems and anecdotes from the Lodge annals!


In setting out this history of the lodge, I hope it won’t become just a catalogue of events which have occurred in the lodge over the past 130 years or so! By adding some of my own thoughts and experiences and a story or two, I hope it will be of some interest, not only to Lodge Albert members, but also to anyone else who happens to read it.


I hope it may also convey a little of the spirit and fine sense of brotherhood that does exist in our great fraternity, which doesn’t always receive the best of publicity.


Anyway, it’s my way of saying thanks to the brethren of the Lodge for allowing me the great privilege of being their R.W.M. between 1989 and 1991.


Special thanks to Mrs Joan Rollo for laying all this out on her computer, to PM Syd Rollo and PM Bert Clapperton for all their help in obtaining the Minute Books, and to all the Lodge secretaries for their hard work over the years. Thanks also to David C. Taylor for his contributions, to Roy Myers for his cover, and to Andy Whyte for all his help with the printing. A final thank you to Doreen, who like every Master's wife, puts up with a lot over the years, and come to think about it, probably still does!


Bro Ian Munro, PM t op↑